On a Pyramid Construction Site

A boom lift with suction cups sets the 5675 diamond-shaped glass panes, each of which weighs 330 pounds.

khufu pyramid

More than 4,500 years ago, Khufu, the pharaoh of Egypt, ordered a giant tomb built in the shape of a pyramid. Over 100,000 people worked for 30 years, hauling 2.5 million huge blocks of stone, to build the famous Great Pyramid of Khufu at Giza. That colossal tomb pointed toward the sky to allow the pharaoh’s soul to rise to the heavens. Many civilizations have been fascinated by pyramids. In Paris, France, a pyramid was chosen as the winning design for a new addition to the world0renowned Louvre Museum. A glass pyramid covers an underground space connected to the rest of the Louvre.

Using the Wii U Virtual Console

wii u virtual console

The Wii U Virtual Console is one of the channels offered on the Wii U that many people don’t understand the necessity of it being there, or being such an early focus for Nintendo. What it allows you to do is to convert some of the older versions of Nintendo games for play on the console. You can also convert some of the old games from third party systems.


The console allows for you to upload and convert games from older gaming system for play on the system. You can upload from the older Nintendo versions such as SNES, NES and PlayStation. You can also convert games from the GameCube edition. There are also many third party gaming system that can also be included – such as those from early SEGA systems.


The average game costs anywhere between $5 and $15 dollars to convert through the Wii U Virtual Console. Much of the pricing will be determined by the complexity of the game to be converted, its file size, and how close the original coding structure and language are to the current Nintendo standards. The easier it is for the conversion to be fully automated, the less expensive the games will be to convert. If you are converting in some of the older PlayStation games, the conversion price may be higher as there are unique conversion patches that have to be run and checked as well.

Converted Games

The converted games maintain the majority of the game play and are true to their original design, however – there are some important things to remember. The system of the console is designed to maximize the current technology which includes the speed of processors and high definition graphics. Most of the games being converted in were designed for lower accelerators and slower processors.

Don’t expect a GameCube game to play like a game; it will still play as a GameCube game. What may also happen is the advance in technology may reveal flaws in the original game designs that were not apparent on their own technology. If you are converting to play the games that you love, this won’t be an issue. If you are thinking that you will be somehow upgrading the games to standards, which is not what is going to happen.

The console has a design which makes uploading and converting games from older platforms easy. You do have to have a connection or a source that has the complete game file on it in order to port it over to the virtual console for conversion. The actual process is directed by a series of visual menus that will appear to prompt you through each step of the process. The finished conversion will then be posted to your account when it is available.

Battlefield Basics in Hearthstone


One of the advantages of playing within the digital card game world of Hearthstone is that it can go beyond the imaginings of a live desk top match and incorporate much of the RPG game world. The most apparent way that this happens in Hearthstone is the availability of different Battlefields. The nature of the battlefields, and the game mode under which they are played, can affect the outcome of your match. It pays to become familiar with the different options before setting up a ranked match with an opponent.  You can also choose to enter a battlefield with a friend under the guidelines of a Duel match to get used to the play as well.

The 4 Different Battlefields

There are four different battlefields available in the most current version of Hearthstone: Stormwind, Battlefield Orgimmar, Battlefield Pandaria and Stranglethorn. Each of these fields feature different maps, designs and obstacles that relate to their presence within the World of Warcraft Universe. Some of the limitations of the battlefields are that you may have to be of a certain rank to enter. There are more battlefields to be made available in the next upgrade release for the game.

The choice of the battlefield is left to the player inviting. You can issue open invitations in the Play, Duel and Arena modes. You can also bring any character you want onto a battlefield. There are some restrictions that will be put into place depending on the game mode that you register the battlefield combat as – Friendly or Ranked Play, Arena or Duel. However, each of the battlefields is open to the players as long as they are fairly matched.

The game play then proceeds much as it would in any other type of card game. Characters start off with the standard baseline health points, for example a Hero will come into the battlefield with a health point rating of 30. Players then engage in turn based combat until one of the players reaches a health rating of 0 or less. At that point, the combat is over and the surviving player is the winner. The deck you can use is determined by the mode you are competing in. Arena and Duel offer unrestricted deck modes, while Play has restricted decks.

Using the Game Modes to get Better

No matter what battlefield you are choosing to play in Hearthstone you can gain an advantage by using the game modes to learn how to better manage your cards in combat. If you are preparing a restricted deck for ranked play, then you want to engage in as many friendly Play mode games as possible. Duel mode play is the best way to practice for the competition in the Arena as it allows for the same unrestricted game access. It can also be to your advantage to return to the Practice mode but select a higher skill rating for your computer opponent to gain in ability and skill with your cards.

Why You Should Play Minecraft Right Now

Minecraft is one of the PC games that will make you get stuck to it for hours on end. For a few years now, Minecraft ruled the world of online games. There are various reasons you can name for its success. The mods are the greatest reason why people are allured to this game. Is there any other game that lets you change many aspects or even the entire game itself? You can find mods online and install them for various reasons and purposes. You can change the current content of the game, maximize the graphics, increase the speed, change the texture, change the skin and change anything about the game with them. One could say mods are the only reason for it becoming popular each day. So what is Minecraft all about?

Game Modes

Minecraft is a sandbox game, which is also known as an open world game, where there is no particular goal and you can do whatever you please. You can play free on the web browsers or download Minecraft for $26.95 from the official site. There are two popular modes in this game, the Creative and Survival. There are 2 variants of the survival mode, Hardcore and Adventure. Creative mode lets the players play with their imaginations. The players can build any number of blocks in any styles in this mode. There is no limit to the number of blocks one can build, and you can fly to easily reach places in the distance. It’s also really fun to play this mode with your friends and create something cool.

minecraft free creative mode

Survival mode is the mode that makes the game actually fascinating. While creative mode is best suited for the beginners, it is the survival mode that makes the game more alluring. In this mode, the player needs to struggle to survive against the unknown. Dealing with monsters and hunger the player needs to cut the trees, need to mine for iron, coal, gold, copper and other metals, build a protective home to be safe at nights and much more. There are creatures like creepers, skeletons and more if you adventure deep into the dark places at nights. This is why you need to be under the shelter at nights in this mode. You also need to craft various items like swords, shovels, picks and axes make to do things more efficiently. You might never be tired of making these; in fact, you’ll probably remember how to craft everything and really enjoy it. You can keep crafting more and more stuff this game to add more to the fun.

How to Play for Free

You can play Minecraft free from sites like Minecraftium.com. However, this is not as updated as the paid version. You can go to the minecraft.net site to get the full version of the game. A few may try to shun the game, in other words go for the pirated versions. Beware of such piracy as the game may actually infect the system or you cannot enjoy the game to its fullest. The game is worth each penny you spend on it. You can keep adding mods and enjoy this game with each play style you choose.

Travel and Trade Routes in ArcheAge

archeage russian version

Learning to manage travel and trade routes in ArcheAge is going to be essential if you are going to get ahead in life in this world. You have to not only gather or create the resources that you want to trade to then get what you need; you have to get them there. ArcheAge doesn’t make it simple, but follows some real life rules of obligation and commercial transportation. In other words, don’t think you are going to click on your apples and send them to market and get a tidy sum in your inventory; your character has to get them there!

Gathering Resources

The first thing you have to do is have an idea of what resources can go to market. Since you are starting in a sandbox world then the basics are going to be agricultural. Like growing and harvesting apples. Once your apples are ripe, then you click on them and place them in your travel pack. When you place an item in your travel pack, your “weight” will increase, which means that several obstacles now appear in your life. You won’t be able to walk very fast, so forget running and don’t even consider swimming. Above all else; don’t think you can use your light and fast battle steed for travel as you will break their back! You need to have strong horses, sturdy boats or a wagon to get your resources to the market you have chosen. Here is a hint, the further away you are willing to take them – the more they are worth.

General Travel

General travel is mundane. You can walk, ride or boat to your market destination. The transportation that you choose will have to match the task. As mentioned before, a light steed meant for messaging will buckle under you if you are carrying your travel pack. You also won’t be able to fight while you are wearing your pack. If you encounter a situation where you feel the need to fight, you need to put down your pack to do so. Of course, this leaves you open to having them stolen.

Using Trade Routes

Trade routes are pre-determined. You can take yourself (and your pack) to a terminal and then choose to travel to a market destination by clicking and “riding” your pack. It does take time from other things that you are allowed to do during the game. As mentioned before, the further you take your goods for sale, the more you will get for them so you do need to manage that.

If you are occupied with traveling and trading, who will be protecting your resources? That is one of the issues you will have to struggle with. If players get a feel for when you are not paying attention to your resources your town or village could be attacked. It is more likely that what will be attacked will be the access to the trade route. After all, whoever controls the terminals can charge quite a fee.

China’s Mobile Market Booming

china mobile market graph

If you are one of those guys who is waiting for the perfect opportunity to showcase your mobile game, now is the time to do so in China. In a report from Niko Partners, a research firm, China’s mobile game market is estimated to increase by over 90% by the end of this year, or almost $3 billion! This means more than 280 million players between iOS and Android devices will be made available to you. Niko Partners believes that by 2018, this playerbase will be more than double, or around 770 million.

This makes sense and goes right along with other market reports by SuperData Research, who made a prediction about how the United State’s mobile market will be surpassed by China. One speculation of the cause of this rise is due to the cheaper availability of Android devices in China.

Apparently casual Android games like simple puzzle games are spreading like wildfire in China, and set off a giant mobile market bomb in 2013. In case you were wondering where this information came from, the date was compiled from thousands of surveys and mobile analytics company App Annie. Researchers and analysts grabbed the top earning apps and sorted them by  most download, then compared this with the surveys. In conclusion, China is going to take over the world (soon).

Maybe it’s time you learn some Chinese, because in a couple decades, the United States will be a third world country by comparison. Our education is failing and our corrupt government is trying to milk every last penny they can to pay off their debt to China. At some point America won’t be able to get anymore from its citizens and a new civil war will occur, driving anarchy and destruction everywhere. At that point, you’ll thank me for beleving in John Titor’s little story of time travel.